About Houston

The land that is now Houston was donated by Judge Joel Pinson and named for Sam Houston. It was established in 1836 and is located in the Northeast “hills” of the state. With a population of 4,200, Houston enjoys a small town atmosphere with a heart full of “southern hospitality”. It was the first of two cities to be named as county seats of Chickasaw County. Houston has prospered through the years because of a strong industrial background. Local industries manufacture various products such as upholstered furniture, poly foam products, cotton batting, carpet underlay, plastic pipe, mattresses, shipping containers, and fiber optics.

On June 9, 1953, the Chickasaw Development Foundation was chartered to promote industrial and agricultural development in the Houston area.


The Carnegie Library was established in 1909. L. B. Reid, superintendent of Houston schools wrote to Andrew Carnegie in 1908 expressing a need for a public library. Having lived in Tyler, Texas, Mr. Reid was familiar with such a library near there. Mr. Carnegie sent $6000 to the city and with that, the first Carnegie Library in Mississippi was established.

The first church in Houston was the Methodist, followed by the Cumberland Presbyterian and the Presbyterian organized in 1845. Meanwhile, the Baptist, having organized in 1842 were meeting in the courthouse in Houston.

The First Post Office in the county was established in Houston on December 5, 1937, with Henry B. Carter as the first Postmaster.

By 1850, businesses located in Houston include two grist mills, four sawmills, two cotton gins, six carriage and wagon shops, two saddle companies, and several other manufacturing enterprises with a combined annual product of $35,114. These establishments employed 63 people. W. H. King was a carriage maker in Houston in the early 1840’s. Hughes and Brothers manufactured coaches valued at $13,000 in 1860 according to James R. Atkinson’s book, “A History of Chickasaw County.”

Houston abounds with nature’s best in fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation, and sports activities. Whether a native or newcomer, Houston welcomes all and has something to offer everyone.

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