Statistical Data

Top 10 Employers in the Houston Area

Franklin Corporation Logo

Franklin Corporation

Type: Furniture Manufacturer
Employees: 1214
HR Contact: Scott Shempert

Houston School Logo

Houston School District

Employment: 285
Contact: Dr. Steve Coker, Superintendent

Trace Regional Hospital

Employees: 250
Contact: N/A

Leggett and Platt Logo

Leggett & Platt Incorporated

Type: Carpet Padding
Employees: 120
HR Contact: Glenn Gann

International Paper Logo

International Paper

Type: Corrugated Containers
Employees: 111
HR Contact: Johnnie Hopper

Walmart Logo


Employees: 105
HR Contact: Ken Turner

Grocers Pride

Type: Food/Groceries
Employees: 100
HR Contact: Kathy Dendy

Ware Milling

Type: Blend Feed and Farm Service
Employees: 22
HR Contact: Melissa Ware

Trace Industries

Type: Felt and Felt Products
Employees: 20
HR Contact: 20

Classic Furniture

Type: Upholstered Living Room Furniture
Employees: 15
HR Contact: Dean Daniel

Top Employers in Houlka

Ark-Ell Springs

Type: Springs For Upholstered Furniture
Employees: 62
HR Contact: Amy Russell

Masters Fibers Inc./Southern Fibers

Type: Fiber/Polyester
Employees: 45
HR Contact: Clay Clayton

Collums Furniture

Type: Upholstered Furniture
Employees: 34
HR Contact: Judy Williams

Lake Road Furniture

Type: Upholstered Furniture
Employees: 15
HR Contact: Joey Williams

Top Ten Employers in 2011 for Chickasaw County

  1. Franklin Corporation (Employees: 1400)
  2. United Furniture (Employees: 434)
  3. Lifestyle Furniture (Employees: 342)
  4. Houston Public Schools (Employees: 285)
  5. Trace Regional Hospital (Employees: 237)
  6. International Paper (Employees: 180)
  7. MPI-Leggett & Platt (Employees: 150)
  8. Chickasaw County Schools (Employees: 145)
  9. Ark-Ell Springs (Employees: 140)
  10. Rose Hill Company (Employees: 125)

Top 10 Employers: 3438

July 2011 Data – Total Employed in Chickasaw County- 7,070. Source: MS Department of Employment Security

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