Incentives & Taxes

Programs, grants, incentives, and taxes for economic development in Chickasaw County, Mississippi

Local Incentives

The Executive Director of CDF works with the local workforce development programs to match resources with needs. In addition to possible county tax credits or abatements, incentives could include such benefits as infrastructure improvements and specialized workforce training programs.

State Taxes and Incentives

Mississippi’s tax rates are lower than those of many other states. In addition, businesses can take advantage of a multitude of incentive, tax credit, and tax abatement programs available at the state level.

The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) is an excellent resource for information about that state’s incentive programs. MDA’s Financial Resources Division assists businesses in obtaining grants or loans for development and expansion. It also maintains an up-to-date list of available tax exemptions, incentives, and credits.

Workforce Development

Valuable workforce recruitment and training resources are available. Among them are:

  • The Workforce Enhancement Training Fund, which provides resources to the state’s many community colleges to conduct job training programs designed in partnership with companies in the colleges’ service areas.
  • The Workforce Investment Network (WIN) in Mississippi, operates over 60 WIN centers across the state. The Itawamba Community College WIN Job Center in Chickasaw County is located at 210 South Monroe Street, Houston, Mississippi. The center offers employment and training services for job seekers.

Itawamba Community College located in Fulton, MS and only 50 miles from Houston, is heavily engaged in providing workforce training services for local businesses and industries. The Itawamba Community College Workforce Training and Development Program is focused on helping potential workers acquire skills matched to the specific needs of local industry. Specialized training that is designed for a specific job is offered to local employers who are hiring for a new plant or retraining their existing workforce.

ICC’s workforce training program is second to none in the entire U.S.!

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